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We provide opportunities for senior executives by creating and facilitating learning and relationship engagement opportunities. Our extensive network consists of 1000’s of experts and cutting-edge solution providers.  We are experts at planning and organizing Bespoke Virtual Roundtable Discussions and Executive Networking Dinners, which helps solution providers and end-user senior executives engage in meaningful conversations that create and deliver successful business opportunities.

Connecting Executives

Our exclusive events will give you access to a carefully selected group of executives with similar challenges

Bringing Together Like-Minded Experts

With our huge network of 1000’s of experts in diverse fields, we help you connect with the right experts, so you gain results from their lifelong learning and succeed in challenging times.

Overcoming Challenges & Maximize Your Growth

Get up close with world-leading technologies and put your business at the forefront of your customers minds.

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A Closely-Knit Network of Experts that accelerate your growth by leaps and bounds

Connecting with leaders that have the right solution to a specific problem is a real bottleneck for B2B businesses. We work tirelessly to help your business by forming an intimate digital network of experts that are carefully selected and looking for a solution within your chosen niche.

Our Prime Focus is to help you solve specific problems that are unique to the business you run

We will give you the opportunity to convey best practice methodologies and strategies in order to reach your goal.

Focused and On Point Conversations

We facilitate face-to-face discussions amongst a group of leading business executives. Our virtual roundtables are for business executives looking to take part in stimulating discussions and solve their latest challenges, and powerful solution providers pursuing business networking opportunities with senior decision-makers to drive up their sales pipeline.

SAVE A SEAT Latest events

Breakfast Briefing
Hotel V Fizeaustraat, Amsterdam

Building a Masterful Cloud Analytics Strategy for 2024

The latest in AI and cloud-driven analytics will be shaping and sharpening business plans in 2024. In fact, according to IDC, 73% of organizations expect their analytics investments to exceed all other software investments this

Bespoke Executive Dinner
St Martins Lane, London

Understanding the connection between data and customer risk profile

Managing large volumes of data has become an increasingly important part of doing business in our data-driven world, especially in the financial services industry. The possibility of having complete control over data, including every transaction

Virtual Roundtable

Efficient but sustainable delivery solutions without compromise

What does a top-notch delivery solution look like and how does it impact customer retention? In today's market, customer retention is a top priority. With 89% of consumers switching to a competitor after a negative

TESTIMONIALS What our customers say about us

"I've worked with numerous executive engagement companies over the years, but only Connex Group have consistently surpassed my expectations. They have helped me organise many C-level virtual roundtables during a critical time when we had to cancel physical events and quickly pivot all our marketing to digital. I'm really impressed by the seniority of the contacts they brought to the table within a short timeframe and their ability to work with a very targeted list of accounts and job titles."
"The team at Connex Group has been a great partner, they've helped drive quality engagement with what's been traditionally a hard group to reach. While other firms in this space often feel transactional in nature, the Connex Group team is committed to building long-term relationships, is open to feedback, and consistently delivers a solid ROI."
"We are very satisfied with the co-operation with Connex Group. They reach the right stakeholders and always deliver top quality leads for us! We've had very high-quality discussions, facilitated by the pre-work done by Connex Group in identifying the customers' topics of interest. They also helped us set up follow-up meetings with the majority of the C-levels who attended our virtual events. I'm very happy with the work they've delivered so far."
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DISCOVER OUR Bespoke Executive Dinners

Our bespoke Roundtable Dining Experiences are designed to create the perfect intimate setting. To engage and enjoy peer-to-peer networking with meaningful conversations, on your discussion topic, with senior decision-makers from your target prospect list, in a relaxed and social environment.