SingleStore elevates conversations to decision-makers, curating high-quality interactions

Activities proposed


Reaching motivated decision-makers that are relevant to the solution SingleStore offer.

This was key for them to drive net new customers for the business, something that their previous channels weren’t effective at providing.


  • Market share – net new logo acquisition
  • Brand value – increasing brand awareness and staying front of mind
  • Elevate conversations – reach senior decision-makers
  • Profitable growth – achieved 3 x ROI just from their first event experience


  • 19 new leads generated ( 9 over the contracted number delivered complimentary)
  • 100% matched target companies and job titles
  • 14 x 1:1 meetings with decision-makers of their choice that were in the market to purchase SingleStore solution
  • Instant 3 x ROI achieved from the very first event experience, continuing to grow throughout the partnership

Getting into the right companies and the right decision makers – then setting up a forum for open conversation helps create a permanent relationship that we can grow on