The Role of AI and ML in Ransomware Protection
1pm -2.30pm EST

How can you leverage AI/ML technologies to assess the impact of a ransomware attack?

The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase dramatically each year. The culprit? Ransomware. From a recent survey of 3,400 IT and Security Operations decision-makers, 93% noted that the threat of ransomware attacks increased this year when compared with the same period last year. Additionally, 80% of respondents expressed concern about their organization’s cyber resilience strategy and whether it can handle today’s threats and challenges.

Leading enterprises are taking a recovery as the first line of defence approach against ransomware.

 Discussion Topics:

  • What does AI mean for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries—especially as cyber threats evolve and intensify?
  • How can AI/ML technologies be leveraged to assess the impact of a ransomware attack & detect anomalies successfully?
  • And how can you harness the full power of generative AI to search, analyze, and discover trends in your data?
  • How Gen AI can better prepare you for new threats.

Join Cohesity and a select group of industry peers for a Connex Group virtual roundtable as we discuss challenges in keeping your infrastructure safe from ransomware and explore why a robust disaster recovery strategy might be the best strategy moving forward.

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