The importance of diversity and inclusion in a post-pandemic world

Dinner Location: The Metropolitan – Chicago

22nd May 2022


Why diversity, inclusion, and belonging is more important than ever before?

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has turned any assumptions we had about the world of work on their head. Disruption abounds, and employers have to work even harder to support their staff who, through challenging times are always their greatest asset.


While the virus has affected us all, some groups have fared worse than others:

Lower-income workers, or someone in their household, are 52 percent more likely to have lost their job or had their pay reduced

Older employees are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and experience related stigma and discrimination

The virus is disproportionately impacting Black people, Latinos, and other minorities

So, what actions can leaders take to harness a culture of inclusion and belonging in these unprecedented times? How can taking care of your employees improve job performance, staff turnover, and, as a result, reduce costs? And how can your reaction to the crises positively contribute to your employer branding?


Discussion Topics:

It has been a year since many have worked at home during the global pandemic, and a year since the racial unrest surrounding George Floyd and countless others, how have you evolved your business to meet the needs of your employees?
How have your commitments to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging materialized following the commitments made last year?
What are the strategies implemented to interrupt and mitigate bias in the hiring process?
How are you removing bias and barriers and creating a psychologically safe environment where diverse perspectives are valued and a sense of belonging is cultivated?

  • Date : 14/12/2022

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