Tackle Modern-Day Business Challenges With Next Gen Document Processing

24th of May 1pm-2:30pm ET

With inflationary and recessionary pressures impacting all industries, businesses are striving to do more—and do it faster—with fewer skilled resources. At the same time, more organizations are focusing on improving experiences for customers and employees as a key to improving revenue, margins, and retention.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can deliver significant benefits on both counts. Since 80% of business processes are document-centric, the movement of these documents and extraction of information from them matters. Please join us for a lively roundtable discussion to share your thoughts and hear from peers on how to translate the benefits of IDP into measurable business outcomes.

We’ll discuss:

The key takeaway for you from this event will be how to drive bottom line efficiencies for your organization by using IDP. There will be no presentation or slides at this event. YOU are an active participant in the discussion so come ready to share.

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