Mastering your Digital Transformation: Managing the complexity of the digital age

7th December 1pm – 3pm ET

Digital transformation has accelerated over the past 12 months for organisations globally. This fast-paced acceleration has meant that businesses have had to adapt, and adapt quickly, to avoid siloed behaviour whilst supporting digital objectives and business outcomes.

Not only this, but as technology advances and both cloud and data strategies increase in complexity, IT leaders need to find ways to remain agile and data-driven to remain competitive in this post-pandemic landscape. Being able to deliver immersive digital experiences for customers will be one of the key drivers to realise that vision.

So how can we collaborate effectively to enhance customer experience and operational excellence? How can we make sure all technology decisions and teams are aligned? And where should the technology and cloud innovation around digital be driven from?

Join a select group of thought-leading peers, to discuss your business challenges, share your experience, explore best practice and discover how we can master a digital transformation, managing the complexity of the digital age.

  • Date : 07/12/2022

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