How to increase business resilience through digital-first workspaces

24th January – 2pm-4pm ET

The pandemic has unintentionally redefined how employees prefer to work and how they value their working environment. While historically working from home was associated with reduced productivity, now 41 percent of employees say they are more productive working remotely than in the office (McKinsey, 2020).

That said, for employers the concept of a hybrid or distributed workforce isn’t without its challenges. While it offers the ability to tap into a broader pool of talent and reduce the cost of real estate and workplace operations, it also demands more flexibility and limits the collaborative opportunities that come from face to face working.

So, how can leaders structure their workplaces to drive employee productivity and revenue growth? How do we create the right digital workplaces that enable employees to do their best work in the most flexible and productive way possible? And what technology and systems do we need to put in place to enable employees to work on what delivers the most value to their customers?

Digital workspaces have proven to have a tangible impact on business productivity: Sony Music increased their creative production by 4x, Dow Jones saved 10% of their work day, and one Autodesk team was 50% more efficient after implementing a digital work management platform.

Join a select group of industry peers to discuss how the pandemic has redefined the workplace to be digital-first and what strategies to consider to still hit growth targets while taking into consideration different digital work models.

  • Date : 24/01/2023

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