How do leaders create a sustainable workspace and avoid organizational fatigue?

For many businesses around the world, there’s been no hard-and-fast decision on whether or when the majority of employees will return to an in-person office setting. Companies are hearing a variety of concerns from workers about returning too quickly to pre-pandemic working conditions.

Create a digital workplace that enables employees to work agilely, collaboratively, and securely–with access to specialized support mechanisms to address increased digital workplace issues.

Discussion Points

How have you worked to eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring process?

How to grow the business during challenging times–while ensuring a sustainable work environment?

The Future of Work: Defining the Outcome and the Impact on the Workforce

What would you say are your biggest challenges in supporting staff following the impact of COVID-19?

What impact does technology have for employee satisfaction and retention?

  • Date : 11-03-2024