Best Practices to Bridge the Security and Devops Gap


How do you drive cultural change to support DevOps transformation?

While many companies are wanting to make the move to a DevOps approach, it can be challenging. Organizations may have lots of manual processes, bottlenecks between development delivery and operations employment, or they are dealing with organizational silos.

Ownership of your DevOps Transformation does not necessarily mean it should all fall on to you. Instead, you want a team of people working together to achieve the final goal. By teaming up and sharing responsibilities, you build trust, eliminate silos, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

How do you have that cultural change to support DevOps transformation? What open-source tools and technologies can help? How do you measure and share progress and success?

Join GitLab and a select group of industry thought leaders to explore your challenges, how to drive change, and why the capability to rapidly respond to disruption is critical.

  • Date : 15/11/2022

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